Customize segments... colour image etc.

think. fast.

Let's change the rules of packaging production so they’re more flexible. Let’s step boldly into the 21st Century (finally). Thanks to OTC, you can now turn around 25,000+ standard or custom packages as small as a lip balm box or as large as a wine box in less than a day. Give us two days, and we'll deliver 50,000. While you're at it, change your base art on the fly to allow for graphic variations.

Give your marketing and operations teams those options to ponder in the context of sampling, testing, ethnic marketing, direct marketing and promotions. Now you can think 'faster' and keep thinking all the way to the doorstep or shopping basket of your target consumers.


Just-in-time packaging and promotions flexibility gives your team the opportunity to invent new strategies for market penetration and new opportunities to generate measurable ROI. So in a world where markets of one and segmentation rule, what happens when the limitations common to most packaging processes disappear? Good things, we imagine.


OTC Group solutions are tailor-made to help pharmaceutical companies and others in similar sectors with inventory security and printed serialization right down to the item level with graphic flexibility on the press.


You can customize everything from promotional mailings to packaged products down to individual names, companies, dates and special events.


Now you can segment packaging production at maximum velocity by market, street, retailer, ethnic group or sample cell.


The OTC Group development team will help you align your database management with packaging and promotion strategies and execution using our automated proprietary workflow. All processes are inline. Options include cost-effective, item-level printing.

mailing solutions

OTC Group offers effective direct mail options that provide various industries with high quality, personalized, targeted marketing programs that successfully impact end-receivers emotionally and encourage a high level of responses. Our digital direct mail campaigns are created in a matter of days, rather than weeks or months, printed in-house and then inserted into envelopes, wrapped in clear bags, affixed with stamps or prepared as needed and sent to Canada Post. From start to finish, we handle your project with superb monitoring standards all under one roof. Customer service and satisfaction are paramount.