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about us – welcome to the OTC Group

We are a marketing company. At OTC, we’re digital print and process technology experts. In fact, OTC is made up of a few related business practices.

We offer high-performance packaging. Our technology empowers marketers to produce standard or custom, short-run packaging, at high-speed with the ability to change graphics, add serialization, names, addresses, indicia and more, all while the press is running. It's that flexible.

We offer marketing and promotion solutions. OTC got its start developing personalized sales programs, direct-to-neighbour lead generation, and cross-media mail campaigns with multiple touch-points from print to digital. Today, that continues in multiple markets with specialization in the automotive category. To read more, visit OTC Automotive + Auto Upgrade.

CASL Cure™ is the most efficient way to protect your company, its directors and officers against risks from Canada's new Anti-Spam Law (CASL). To learn more about The CASL Cure Assurance Solution which makes CASL compliance easy, visit CASL Cure or call 1-844-318-6175.

And, we're an ad network. Two Yellow Boots is our way to help hospitals raise funds. This part of our business leverages OTC's marketing expertise to offer hospitals a new advertising revenue stream. It also offers advertisers access to new and captive audiences. Read more at Two Yellow Boots.

All that said, we’re software developers, database professionals and analytics experts. We’re designers and packaging production specialists. We understand how to increase and track ROI. We prefer value to volume discussions, but we can help you manage inventory to reduce volume issues as well.

We’ve been developing data-driven print solutions for various industry segments since 2003. We’re the first company in North America to connect the most advanced digital printing and packaging technology to equally advanced database segmentation analytics and development with web applications integrated into programs. All that, and we’re a talented group of inspired people.


Colour consistency, artistic control and flexibility, the capacity to adapt to changing tastes and opportunities on the fly – imagine the upsides in designing, testing and branding if these were opportunities instead of limitations?

OTC Group gives your marketing team options for exploration in art and design that did not exist before due to price and turnaround constraints.

Your team can adapt design and change packaging without interrupting the press run. You can turn around tests in a day – instead of weeks. The ‘blue’ you print on day one will always match the ‘blue’ you print a year later. Graphic changes as you go, coating options; all the tools you need to tailor unique ideas to markets and segments are now within your control.


Give us your data – by market, product type, customer cluster, sales segment, postal code, email address or any other unique set – and we’ll give you back opportunities to engineer data-aligned packaging and promotion in short-runs and even on a unit-by-unit basis.

Analytics and process development in the same room – alongside an information technology company that adds print and packaging expertise to the end of every equation. Our solutions include sequential numbering or serialization for packaging and promotional material. Plus, your data security and integrity is monitored by OTC Group’s Certified Information Security Systems Professionals. That’s good to know for pharmaceutical companies and all categories where data privacy and inventory security are critical components of your operation.

Everyone talks about using granular data to shape more effective, more efficient, consumer-matched products and communications. OTC Group adapts your data and even engineers new tools to help you walk the talk.


With the latest in Xerox technology in-house, our iGen4 and iGen150, plus our own expertise, OTC is one of the first to deliver highest-speed packaging and product promotion solutions as well as demographic-specific short-runs up to 50,000 units. OTC blends current digital technology and data-segmentation tools to give brand marketers and retailers the absolute best high-performance packaging. We give you speed to market like never before.


Tim Graham
Tim Graham
President & CEO

Tim, the founder of OTC, is a sales and marketing veteran of 20 years, with extensive experience in advanced, personalized communication technologies. He’s had his hand in thousands of complex data-driven marketing campaigns. In fact, he pioneered the integration of new, cross media into real-world marketing applications. Tim’s personalized marketing technologies were awarded Best Practices from PODi.